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How To Make Egg Tomato Scramble by Ethnic Food Court

Egg Tomato Scramble is ideal for Breakfast & Dinner. Egg with pieces of tomato scrambled together in a certain way that there is less taste of tomato & more of egg’s taste. In video we shows you how to make egg tomato scramble, here we do not prefer broiler chicken eggs.

To watch the recipe to cook egg with tomato scramble watch the below video. Subscribe to our channel more videos


Video Showing How To Make Egg Scramble

Ingredients :-
  • Eggs                         – 4 Nos
  • Chopped Tomato      – 1 No
  • Chopped Onion        – 1 No
  • Green Chilly             – 4 Nos
  • Ginger                      – 1 No (Small)
  • Chilly Powder           –  Half Teaspoon
  • Salt                           –  For Taste
  • Mustard                    – As Needed
  • Coconut Oil              – As Needed
  • Curry Leaves           – As Needed

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