To Make Bread Toast With Milk And Eggs

To make bread toast with milk and eggs

Bread is a favorite snacks for almost all kids. Even though it is an American cuisine we Ethnic Food Court Shows a Continental Bread Toast with milk and eggs.

Bread becomes more tastier & crispier when it is toasted. Bread Toast with Milk and Eggs is an ideal breakfast cuisine. The mix of eggs & milk makes it more tastier that almost all kids like to eat it.


Video showing how to make bread toast with milk and eggs.

Ingredients :

Milk : 1 Litre
Eggs : 4 Nos
Bread : 1 Packet
Sugar : As Needed
Coconut Oil : As needed

Preparation :

Take the milk in a bowl, add sugar & stir well. Break the eggs and add it to the milk. Stir it well till the eggs are completely mixed up with the milk.

Heat the stove with a pan. Pour some Coconut Oil (Ghee is also good). Take the bread and dip it into the milk-egg mix. Add the dipped bread to the heated pan.

Toast the bread till it is brown in Colour. You have made the bread toast with milk & eggs !

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