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To cook Puli Mulaku Curry recipe by Ethnic Food Court

Puli Mulaku Curry is a Kerala traditional dish which only uses less cooking ingredients. The main advantage of Puli Mulaku Curry is that this Kerala dish helps digestion.

The less cooking ingredients to make puli Mulaku curry makes it easier for anyone to make this Kerala dish.

In this cooking video we shows the easier way to make puli Mulaku Curry recipe.

Video showing how to make PuliMulaku Curry the easier way


Ingredients :

Chopped Onion : 1 No
Red Chilly (dried) : 5 Nos
Tamarind : Some
Coconut Oil : 2 Table Spoon
Salt : To Taste
Water : As Needed

Preparation :

Put the Chopped Onion in a Chinese Pan, Cook the Onion for sometime. Water or Oil is not needed when cooking the onion. When the Onion is slight brown colour, put off the stove and clear the onion into another plate.

Heat the Red Chilly into the Pan. After the red chilly turns black clear the Pan and put the chilly on the cooked onion.

Put the tamarind into the onion – chilly mix and add coconut oil & salt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with hand. Add some water onto the mix. Mix it once more.

Congratulation you have made PuliMulaku Curry ! Serve it with Tapioca, Rice etc

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