Onam Special Avalose Unda-Mavunda Recipe

Onam Special Avalose Unda-Mavunda Recipe

Avalose Unda-Mavunda is a kerala traditional recipe which is more popular in Onam Days. The Avalose Unda or Mavunda dish is made with rice powder (powdered rice). It is a Kerala Traditional Snack Item.

Avalose Unda or Mavunda is known in Malayalam as അവലോസ് ഉണ്ട or മാവുണ്ട. This Dish is rich in carbo hydrates which is good for human body. But Over Consumption of Avalose Unda or Mavunda may lead to Diabetes.

Video Showing How to Make Avalose Unda or Mavunda

  • Rice Flour                                                                     –   4 Cups
  • Coconut (Grated)                                                          –   2 Cups
  • Jaggery Syrup                                                               –   2 ½ Cups
  • Dried Ginger, Cumin,Cardamom (Powdered Together) –  1 Teaspoon

Take The Rice powder in a Pan. Put The Grated Coconut onto the Rice Powder and thoroughly mix it with hands. Put The Rice Powder-Coconut Mix on to a stove and roast the mix. The Colour of The Rice Powder-Coconut Mix will turn light brown which means it is roasted well.

Congrats !! You Accomplished the first part !!

Switch off the Stove and Take Out The Rice Powder-Coconut Mix. Let It Cool for sometime, and grind it to a fine powder with a mixer grinder.

Take a Kadai and Pour the Jaggery Syrup into it. Boil the Jaggery Syrup Until it is Thick. Once The Jaggery Syrup seems thick, then Put The Dried Ginger, Cumin,Cardamom (Powdered Together) into the liquid and Mix Well.

Add The Rice-Coconut Mix into the Thickened Jaggery Mix ( Consume Little Rice-Coconut Mix ). Mix it well and make balls with the Rice Flour-Jaggery Mix. Sprinkle Some Rice-Coconut Mix onto the Ball.

Congratulations ! Avalose Unda or Mavunda is ready to serve..

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